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You Do Not Need a Case to Be Represented

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You Don’t Need a “Case” to Be Represented

Most parents of special needs children do not have a “case” against the school district.  What they have is a need to effectively persuade the school district to give their special needs child what their child needs to receive educational benefit at school.

Special education attorneys who routinely attend IEP team meetings are generally able to persuade school districts provide a most reasonable IEP plan 4 out of 5 times.  The unspoken truth is that the attorney will bring an action against the district if the district is unreasonable or fails to provide an acceptable IEP plan to the parent.

The Special Education Law Firm always sends a very experienced advocate or attorney from the firm to each IEP meeting to represent the firm’s clients.  This simple procedure results in effective advocacy and significantly limits the “monkey business” that some school districts pull on parents.

Our firm’s attorneys always digitally record the IEP team meetings and this helps ensure that the minutes of the IEP team meetings reflect the reality of what occurred at the meeting.  Many parents have observed that the minutes of their child’s IEP team meetings do not reflect many critical things that were either discussed or decided at their child’s IEP team meeting.

Our firm’s clients include a couple of students where both of the student’s parents are attorneys.  These attorneys understand that special education law is not practiced without great expertise.  Most attorneys never study special education law education at law school.  If attorneys feel that having competent special education representation on an ongoing basis is a wise choice for them, then nonattorney parents should probably take notice of how legal experts handle their children’s representation.

Parents, who feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of attending IEP team meetings, should consider being represented by a reasonably priced law firm that routinely provides this type of service to parents of children who have special needs.

Some of the features of full representation by a reputable law firm include:


  1. The law firm schedules all IEP team meetings so that the IEP will team meetings occur at a time it is convenient for the parents.
  2. An attorney or competent advocate attends with the parents at IEP team meetings.
  3. The law firm interfaces with the school district’s administrators, principals, program specialists and other senior administrators, while the parents continues to communicate and interface with the child’s teachers and therapists.
  4. The law firm reviews and approves consent or acceptance of every document provided by the school district regarding IEP matters.
  5. The law firm provides all written communication to the school district on behalf of the parents.
  6. The law firm has an appropriate flat rate fee that is affordable and there are no extra or hidden charges for the parents to pay.
  7. The law firm files a Request for Due Process Hearing against the school district if the school district for some unforeseen reason chooses to be unreasonable and not to provide necessary resources to the parents’ child.

There are several benefits to this approach:

  1. Parents are insulated emotionally from the school district so that parents may enjoy IEP team meetings and pleasantly interface with their children’s teachers and therapists.
  2. Parents’ rights are protected at all levels with regard to meetings and paperwork concerning special education.
  3. Reasonable school districts are able to understand what parents require for their children, to provide appropriate goals, services, accommodations, and to provide appropriate implementation of the IEP plan.
  4. Parents are insulated financially because they are able to budget at reasonable expense to be represented by counsel.  Parents do not have to worry about unforeseen expenses arising as a result of their representation by counsel.
  5. A child who has his or her parents and school district in harmony is better able to receive educational benefit in an appropriate environment.

Parents do not need a “case” in order to decide to be represented by counsel with regard to special education related matters.  Many parents enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having experts continuously help them in special education matters.

If you are not looking forward to your next IEP team meeting, then perhaps, you should consider being represented by an attorney for special education related matters.

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