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Your school district (“the District”) does not want parents to know that it’s all about the money.


  1. Every decision the District makes is about money.
  2. Once you understand that the District makes every decision about special education with money in mind, then you can understand why the District acts the way it does and how the District will act in the future.
  3. Teachers on the frontline and resource providers such as therapists and resource specialists often have the best interests of the child at heart; however, each special education administrator makes each and every special education resource decision based on the District’s budget allocation for special education.  The District removes administrators who exceed their budgets.  The teachers and other providers know that if they buck the system, the District will retaliate in one form or another.
  4. As proof of this fear of retaliation, teachers often advise parents to consult with a special education attorney, but beg those same parents not to tell anyone who gave the parents this advice.
  5. Once you know it’s all about the money, then you can understand why apparently caring, sophisticated, educational professionals can make decisions that seem totally contrary to the needs of a child with special needs.

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