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Message from Jennifer Guze Campbell, Founder

Message from Jennifer Guze Campbell, Founder

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After years of observing special education at work, I have come to know instinctively when it works and when it needs fixing.  Special education today is struggling.  Special education abuse, high drop-out rates, low graduation numbers, and classroom complacency are all too common occurrences which threaten the very fabric of education in our society.

California is in 48th place among the 50 States with regard to the achievement of its children who have special needs.

The legal solutions attempted by many families with children who have special needs drained the families’ limited resources – in hope, time and money – all without yielding significant measurable positive change in the learning and the quality of life of their children.  This reality motivated me to dare to do something about it.

Many ask: Is there hope for special education?  Is there hope for children who have special needs?

Yes, there is hope.  The Special Education Law Firm grew out of the will to help the children for whom special education programs are not working.  We alone cannot accomplish this task; we are empowered by parents who fight to ensure that their children achieve all that they are capable of achieving.

My clients often open up to me about their isolation when trying to find answers, solutions and hope.  These families were and are fighters, never giving up until they give their children the best possible chance in life, through the highest quality education, and they have been very inspirational to me.

How do we do this?  Together.  Parents, children, and their supporters must strive together to maintain consistency and perseverance for the two decades that it takes to educate a child who has special needs.

Through education, mentoring, positive opportunities and consistency, children who have special needs find a better way to live their own lives.  This better way changes families, schools, communities and our society in its entirety.  By being involved, parents make all the difference.

To me personally, wasting a child’s potential by not giving him or her the best education possible is an unbearable thought.

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