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Our Philosophy

Each case we handle is about a child.

It is our job to persuade your child’s school district to provide real and meaningful educational services to your child.  Each school district has budget constraints that make the district hesitate to provide the necessary services to your child.  Your school district may even tell you that the district has resource constraints when it comes to providing services for children.  Because your child is special education-eligible, your school district must provide all the resources that your child requires.

A child’s parents and the law firm representing them must persevere and insist that the child gets what is appropriate from the child’s school district.  We will do our part for you and make it easier for you to persevere.   Our philosophy is to insulate you emotionally and financially from the school district so that you can continue to advocate effectively for your child for an extended period of time.

We advise our clients not to  speak at IEP team meetings and not to talk with school administrators and district administrators;  however, we advise our clients to communicate freely and openly with their child’s teachers, aides, and care providers, such as therapists and counselors.

We encourage the free flow of communication.  The best way to work effectively with a school district or Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is to maintain constant and affirmative interaction.  We strive to keep you informed, even when no decisions by you, our client, are required.

We ask our clients to pay a flat annual fee which does not increase if we need to pursue legal action against the school district.  Special education law provides that the district pay your attorney’s fees if you prevail in an action against them.  This allows us to provide representation to those who may not otherwise be able to afford legal services.

It is our intent to represent fully our parents and children so that they are never alone when dealing with their child’s school district.



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