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IEP Meetings and Rights

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Your school district (“District”) does not want parents to know that parents can call an IEP team meeting as often as is necessary if their child is not making progress.

  1. The easiest way to attack an unsatisfactory IEP plan is to call an IEP meeting every 60 days to review the lack of progress of a child in special education, and then ask for more and appropriate resources so that the child may progress satisfactorily.
  2. The District must schedule each IEP team meeting at a date and time convenient to the parent.
  3. Parents may designate representatives to speak on the parents’ behalf at IEP team meetings.  The parents are not required to speak, other than to identify their representatives.
  4. Parents may electronically record the IEP team meetings after giving the District proper prior notice.
  5. Parents may require interim objectives for monitoring a child’s progress on an ongoing basis.
  6. Parents may take home and review the IEP plan before consenting to the IEP plan.
  7. Parents may consent to parts of an IEP plan and object to other parts.
  8. Parents may postpone an IEP team meeting if the date becomes inconvenient to the parents and may require the District to reschedule the IEP team meeting.
  9. The District may not hold an IEP team meeting without the parent unless the parent has given permission for the District to hold the meeting without the parent.

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