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The Special Education Law Firm dedicates its practice exclusively to the representation of children and their families regarding California special education law.  

Special Education Law FirmYour Child And Your Family Deserve The Best Representation And Advocates 

It is difficult for families of children who have special needs to advocate effectively for their children.  Emotions are high, the laws and regulations are difficult, and it is hard to stay calm and objective in the face of sometimes uncaring or difficult school experts, teachers and bureaucrats.

Our approach is simple and effective.  You make all the decisions regarding your child and you determine what resources you want for your child.  You and your attorney determine a plan of action to persuade your school district to provide the necessary resources for your child to benefit from your child’s education.

We charge a single affordable annual fee to you that covers everything with regard to our services; we provide those services to you for an entire year for one fee.  This single fee covers our attendance with you at all your child’s IEP team meetings, our handling of all of your child’s IEP paperwork and written communications for you, our representation of you and your child at due process hearings to enforce your child’s rights, our representation of you and your child at all resolution sessions and mediation sessions between you and the school district, and our appeals to higher courts on your behalf to enforce your child’s rights, if necessary.

We attend all IEP team meetings with you.  We advise that you allow your attorney to speak on your behalf at the IEP team meetings and that you do not speak at the IEP team meetings.  You have an absolute right under the California Education Code to be represented by counsel at your child’s IEP team meetings.  On your behalf, we record all IEP team meetings.  Remember, everything that you personally say at an IEP team meeting may be used against you by your school district at hearing.

We advise that you allow our Firm to communicate on your behalf with your school district on all IEP matters, and we advise that you allow our Firm to accept or consent on your behalf to all written communications from your school district.  This communication on your behalf includes such things as scheduling IEP meetings, accepting IEP invitations, providing notice of the electronic recording of your child’s IEP team meeting, making assessment requests, consenting to assessment plans, consenting to IEP plans, and the like.  Once represented, you never have to sign anything again, not even attendance sheets.

This approach permits us to protect fully your rights and your child’s rights and to schedule meetings at times convenient for you.  You make the decisions and we act on your behalf.  You are truly represented by counsel.  Once represented, we advise that you communicate regularly and frequently with your child’s teachers, aides, and care providers regarding your child’s daily activities.  We advise that you do not communicate with school administrators or district administrators.  Let us communicate with school administrators or district administrators on your behalf.

Once we represent you, we strive to ensure that, through the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (“IDEA”), your child receives all the services that your child needs to benefit from his or her education, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, tutoring, aides, behavioral specialists, adult assistants, school or mental health counseling, transportation, assistive technology, classroom and non-classroom accommodations, in the least restrictive environment, such as a general education classroom or appropriate special day class.

Our approach is intended to insulate you and your child emotionally and financially from your child’s school district so that you can continuously and effectively advocate for your child without undue stress, worry, or financial burden on your part.

Consistency and perseverance are necessary to struggle through the administrative and judicial processes that are required to achieve the level of special education resources that will allow your child to receive meaningful educational benefit.

The Special Education Law Firm is dedicated to serving you and your child.  It is why we exist.

Please take a look around our website and then call us to discuss your situation.



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